Frequently asked questions about the Innovote


What does Innovote cost?

For now it's free to use. We intend to add more features and add pricing tiers in the future but there will always be a free version.

Does Innovote support public voting (aka audience voting)?

Voting portals can be configured either for a closed set of people (usually juries, experts, judges etc) where you will create a username and password for each one. Or you can switch to self registration (audience mode) where anyone can enter an email address to start voting.

How can I customize the voting?

You can choose 1 to 10 voting or rating dimensions for your users to vote on. Each dimension can have a title and optional description. Scoring goes from 0 to any value you want. Although we recommend keeping it at or below ten in order to have the best mobile experience.

How can I customize my voting portal?

In terms of design you can add your own logo (visible at the top of each screen) and choose a primary color used to highlight active elements.

What do I need to use Innovote at my event/award?

Provide a wifi with internet to your users. That's all. It's that simple. As long as they can reach the web they can reach our global data centers. The data transferred to your clients is minimal, but if you'd like to host Innovote inside your own event network contact us to discuss.

What about data privacy?

For your account we collect your email address and store it while your account exists. If you enable self registration (audience voting) for your voting portal the email addresses are collected and stored in your account as long as the event/award exists. Deleting your account will also delete your events/awards.